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QuickBooks news & tips

      Maintain your data integrity and security

TIP 1: We recommend that you use the excellent Reconciliation module in QuickBooks to perform a bank reconciliation each time you receive a bank statement.

TIP 2: We also recommend that you use the back-up function in QuickBooks to take a back-up copy of your QuickBooks Company File at regular intervals, and particularly after you have entered more data than you would want to re-enter if some misfortune befell your computer.  It is also recommended that you keep a copy of your QuickBooks back-up at a different location to your computer, to provide a higher degree of disaster protection.

Call us for advice if you're unsure of either of QuickBooks reconciliation or back-up procedures.

QuickBooks 2008/009 Company File Rebuilds

We strongly advise that you do not run the QuickBooks Rebuild facility if you are running QuickBooks 2008/09 Release 7.  To check which Release version you are running, start your QuickBooks program.  Then press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘1’ keys together to open a technical support window.  At the top of this window you will see the full version name of your Quickbooks, ending in Rx or RxP, where ‘x’ is the release number.

The QuickBooks 2008/09 Release 7 Rebuild function can badly corrupt your Company File.  The good news is that this problem was fixed in Release 8 (also known as Service Pack 2).

Call us if you would like assistance identifying which version of QuickBooks you have or updating to Release 8.



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