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QuickBooks Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page is constantly being updated, however, if you have any questions that we do not cover, please contact us and we'll endeavor to help.

Q) Can I install and set up QuickBooks myself?

A) Yes you can.  However, experience shows that it is generally beneficial to have your software set up by someone with a good knowledge of accounting as well as experience in QuickBooks.  Your initial set-up is the foundation upon which everything you do afterwards is built.  Start out right and life is easier ever after!

Q) Can I upgrade from my old QuickBooks to the latest version?

A) The answer is generally yes, but there's a couple of issues to deal with.  Firstly, the newer versions of QuickBooks, like most newer software, require more computer resources to run effectively, so if you have an older computer it is recommended that its capabilities be checked before upgrading to your new QuickBooks.  Some older versions of QuickBooks need to be upgraded to an intermediate version(s) before upgrading from there to the latest version.  We have the facilities to help you do this.  The upgrade from earlier versions to QuickBooks QBi (2008/09) presents a number of potential problems, which we are aware of with their solutions; but it's worthwhile as the QBi version is more user-friendly than ever.

For more information on QuickBooks or you have other questions you need answered, please call or email us.




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