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Purchase price of QuickBooks and Quicken

      The Reckon personal and business product range


The various levels (or ‘flavours’) of the QuickBooks product range greatly in price and capability.  It is common for us to encounter people who have purchased QuickBooks without sound advice, and either paid way more than they needed to or else not purchased a product that meets there needs.

It is also possible to enjoy the benefits of QuickBooks by ‘subscribing’ to the product.  Under a subscription arrangement you buy the right to use QuickBooks for one year, for a much lower cost than buying it.  While ever your subscription is current you will receive free all upgrades to the software.

A third alternative is take up an Advantage membership, which is similar to a subscription but includes free technical support from Reckon.

We are able to advise which flavour of QuickBooks meets your needs most precisely, and recommend whether your needs will be best met by buying it, taking an annual subscription or an Advantage membership.  We are also aware of any special offers available from Reckon, so we can help you benefit from these too.

The QuickBooks range (to buy outright) runs from just $139 for a small and simple business to $1,399 for a powerful ‘Premier’ five-user package.  The QuickBooks Enterprise range is available for large or more complex businesses, and as these systems vary quite a bit we encourage you to call us to discuss your needs.

Point of Sale

Reckon offers some very capable and reasonably priced Point of Sale (POS) packages, including both software and hardware.  The POS system integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting systems.  Prices start at $999 for a bundle comprising Retail POS Lite, QuickBooks Plus and a hardware bundle (cash draw, scanner and receipt printer) – that is great value!


Leaders in the personal finance field, Quicken packages start at just $49 for Personal Lite, which can track your spending, help you budget and more.

If you have an investment portfolio you might prefer Personal Plus ($189), which can track your shares values for you.

If you also have a simple business you may find that Home and Business ($449) meets your needs perfectly, by combining the features of Personal Plus along with business features such as invoicing and tracking GST.

Share Analyser

This is a clever tool designed to assist you in actively managing your share portfolio.  By connecting to stock market subscription services you can be alerted when to buy or sell shares on the basis of valuations within twenty minutes of real-time.  This amazing package costs just $299, which also includes a one year subscription to ASX All Shares downloads.




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